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I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
And I will glorify Your name forevermore.
Psalm 86:12 (NKJV)

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See below to witness the works of God in the life of others.
After the Midnight Hour... (2/22/2024)
God Is Indeed More Than Enough - Mother CD (3/15/2022)

Greetings. I have had challenges but my body is getting so strong. God is so so good. Pastor, I walk at the park to strengthen my joints and muscles. I am amazed at how God will test my skills and my belief. By this I mean that so many times as I walk, God will intervene with me and send me to people. That's ok that he does this to me but some of the people he sends me to can look somewhat mean and are much larger than I am. This happened just last week as I was walking at the park and in my own zone. I walked pass this young lady and I thought to myself, she is in sorrow. I kept walking and God whispered "go back to her. I need to use you to touch her". I looked back at her and I asked "you want me to say something to her? God, look at her. She looks like she wants to stomp someone in the ground. God said clearly, you need to do my work. You know God won't ask you to do anything for him that he knows you can't do. I swallowed hard and walked back to her. I slowly opened mellow conversation with her and suddenly she started crying and talking to me. When we finished talking, she told me that she is ready to let God come into her life. She said she needs what he can give to her. As I walked away from her, I cried. God is indeed more than enough. Amen

Vaccine Testimony - The Carters (4/14/2021)

Grace - Hinsley (1/28/2021)

I recently had a conversation with Pastor Woods about God being directly involved in killing someone that God specifically chose to kill. To me, that is totally different from God deciding to kill a group of folks all at one time like HE did with the flood or with Sodom and Gomorrah. In the case that I am referring to God specifically singled out one individual to wipe completely out......(Read More)

Prayer - Rev. Earl Jeffers (1/10/2021)
Praise Report - The Hamptons ( 1/10/2021)

Happy New Year EBC Family!
We thank God for the experience that God gave us to walk with him through the attack of the coronavirus that hit our whole family.  I want you to know that we experienced God's Grace and peace that indeed surpassed all human understanding.    We never experienced any severe symptoms that caused us to be hospitalized.  Our mother, our daughter Stacey, and myself all had underlying issues that could have potentially been serious with this virus but we never experienced any of them and are feeling better than ever now. I just want everyone to know that the name of JESUS is above the name of Corona or any other disease or any world leader.... (Read More) 

Bible Plan Observations - Brother Hinsley (1/03/2021)

I am proud to share that I have completed my reading plan as of today . . . WOW!!! I really don’t know where to begin. The WORD of God is certainly unlike anything there is and I certainly do know that nothing or NO one can shake my faith in HIM and His son Jesus Christ. They are a formidable team!!! (LOL)   

A couple observations: 

  • There were a lot of people killed at the direction of God for their disobedience and pagan lifestyle. Just complete annihilation in some cases and in “one” day in many instances. It amazes me....(Read More)
For Better or For Worse- Anonymous (12/31/2020)

For better or for worse, most people really only mean for better.... you don’t really know what for worse can be. You think because things become a LITTLE rocky that’s “for worse”, but when all hell breaks loose, when it looks like there’s no hope, when you’ve been pushed to what seems like your very last limit..... do you still say I do?.... I’ve posted something similar years ago at a time when my marriage was seen as over. I had no reason to believe it would work out with the exception of my hope in Jesus Christ. During that time, my relationship with Christ grew to the point that I knew whether God chose to restore or not, He’s still a faithful God,a loving God and a gracious God and He’d take care of me and my family. And then my suddenly happened... (Read More)

Praise Report - Theresa Goode (12/13/2020)

I'm so very happy to be alive. God is good to me. God takes care of me. God gives me everything I need and I'm so grateful. I thank the Lord for saving me, healing me, and delivering me. To God be the Glory for the great things He does in my life.  I honor you Lord! I Praise You Lord! I lift up your Holy Name!

Each One, Reach One - C.D. (8/10/2020)

Do I have something to share with you. This past Thursday I went to check my P 0 Box for mail. That is all that was on my mind. In the post office parking lot there sat a stalled car with the hood up and a mother and 3 children. 3, 5, and 8 yrs old. It was VERY hot during that time of day. The children smiled and waved at me as I walked pass their vehicle. I smiled and waved back at them. The mother smiled at me but she looked worried. I went inside and checked my mail and when I came back out they were still sitting there. Standing away from the car, I asked the mother what was the problem. She said they had been to 2 food pantries to get her children some food and the car stopped running...(Read More)

A Tribute to Selma - Charles Hinsley (7/28/2020)

Walking With The Wind

Conscience Is Our Soul's Warning System - Charles Hinsley (4/28/2020)

I'm paraphrasing John MacArthur, "Our conscience is our soul's warning system. It allows us as human beings to have the ability to contemplate our motives and actions and make moral evaluations of what is right and wrong. In order for our conscience to work as God designed it, our conscience must be informed to the highest moral and spiritual level and best standard, which can only be accomplished by submitting it to the Holy Spirit through God's Word." - end of paraphrase quote. And to me, that's exactly what the purpose of the bible reading plan is aimed at doing. Have a blessed day!!

World Quarantine - Annonymous (4/13/2020)

The Latin root of the word "quarantine" is "forty".
So what does the Bible say about 40?
The flood lasted 40 days.
40 years Moses fled Egypt.
40 days Moses stayed on Mount Sinai to receive the Commandments.
Exodus lasted 40 years.
Jesus fasted for 40 days...(Read More)

Amazing Grace - Linney Triplets (4/11/2020)

Praise Report - Mother Anita C. (4/8/2020)

Stephanie is doing well now. She was able to get out of bed and shower. She had to depend on my 17 year old granddaughter to take care of her and she did the best she could. She didn't know how to help her. Thank GOD for the prayers my Ebenezer family prayed because the very next day she was able to call me, for first time, and she said that morning was the first time she was able to get out of bed. Since then she sounds much better. She and granddaughter has to go for test to make sure my granddaughter doesn't carry the virus. Please pray for her too. Please let all the prayer warriors and my Ebenezer family know that I thank them all and GOD bless.

The Light of Life - Charles Hinsley (4/6/2020)

During the time of eternity past when time's perpetual existence was sequestered in the womb of infinity there was complete darkness and life was in a state of permanent hibernation. As life lay motionless and void in the fertility of its celestial habitat, a powerful source of energy intruded upon its darkened world and thus, there became light in a once lightless and empty existence. This energy was formed into an illuminating sphere of intense warmth and created an atmosphere conducive for the awakening of a new day. For it is written that God said, Let there be light; and there was light; and God called the light day... (Read More)

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