Exodus 5:1 - 2:  Moses and Aaron went to the king of Egypt and told him, “The Lord God says, ‘Let my people go into the desert, so they can honor me with a celebration there.’”
2 “Who is this Lord and why should I obey him?” the king replied. “I refuse to let you and your people go!”

Moses has just been endued with the power of God. He then returns to Egypt to confront Pharaoh. Moses commands Pharaoh to let God’s people go, but Pharaoh, who doesn’t know the Lord, refuses.

Sometimes this happens in our lives today. We receive a word from the Lord and excitedly tell everyone. We expect everyone to react the same way we do, with enthusiasm, reverence, and a willingness to immediately obey. When people are unmoved or even ignore us, we can become frustrated and discouraged.

But don’t give up! The Lord will fulfill what He says. His Word will not return void. He will accomplish what He has said. You must simply wait and remain faithful.